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Save Money While Saving Space

Do you want to save money, space and time?

With the new MODULA Sintes1 vertical lift module designed by System Logistics you are able to revolutionize your warehouse by saving
up to 90% of the floor space currently occupied by traditional storage methods. It's the ideal VLM for storage and retrieval of small items
such as electronic and pharmaceutical components or other small tools, optimizing the storage space available while allowing operators to
achieve unmatched picking rates. The MODULA Sintes1 was developed as the result of a specific in-depth market study conducted on the dimensions and volumes of the VLMs marketed and provided to date. The MODULA Sintes1 can easily be installed in any industrial environment, shop, parts depot or small warehouse and its small footprint allows for you to adapt it to your operation, even where warehouse space constraints are present.

No Compromise On Efficency
Utilize all of the ceiling height in your facility, allowing for a drastic reduction in the amount of floor space required for your storage
operations, all while greatly improving pick rates and accuracy. Every item stored within the MODULA Sintes1 is able to be tracked
efficiently, allowing operators to save valuable time with this functional and ergonomic VLM system. All of these benefits are available in the
MODULA Sintes1, without sacrificing efficiency or optional features offered on even the most advanced warehouse systems. The MODULA
Sintes1 is adaptable and flexible to any working environment and is ideal for regaining floor space in a cost conscious solution.

How it Works

Products are stored within the MODULA Sintes1 in metal trays, which are automatically stored and retrieved as needed. Within the unit's structure a vertical
lifting platform brings a tray containing the product to a determined storage level and
then deposits the tray to a storage location. This is all done automatically through the
use of innovative hardware and controls integrated in a user friendly software system.
Tray height adjustability is provided on 1.0" increments allowing for varying product
heights and overall unit heights are available on 3.94" height increments to best suit your facility. Each tray has a standard net load capacity of 441 Lbs. and trays are available with plain perimeter walls or with slotting, allowing for the use of partitions and dividers. Furthermore, the MODULA Sintes1 is also available with any option or feature available on the MODULA® Lift VLM.
The MODULA Sintes1 has been designed to have a modern and attractive appearance while having a robust frame structure composed of steel load bearing profiles and modular exterior steel cladding panels all produced using fully
automated production processes. Two models are available, each with a unique tray size:

MODULA® Sintes1.3
Featuring a usable tray width of 51.18" and a usable tray depth of 25.75"

MODULA® Sintes1.7
Featuring a usable tray width of 66.93" and a usable tray depth of 25.75".
Both models provide a net load capacity per tray of 441 Lbs and a total unit load capacity of 55,115 Lbs. Two tray wall heights are available to suit a variety of applications. They are 1.22" and 2.20".

Delivery Configurations
For all MODULA Sintes1 models you are able to select between a unit having an Internal Picking Workstation (the preferred configuration if a reduced unit footprint is desired) or aunit having an External Picking Workstation (the ideal configuration for true top picking applications and having the ability to easily respond to higher throughput needs). Increased throughput is achieved using the Dual-Delivery configuration, with its Continuous Picking availability. For either delivery configuration the best possible operator ergonomics are provided ensuring safety and productivity in your workplace.


You can improve your warehouse one step at a time. The MODULA Sintes1 VLM is able to be integrated as a part of a larger multiple unit system and be implemented over several stages to best suit your needs.

Several MODULA Sintes1 units are able to be managed by only one operator. Through the user friendly Copilot operator interface, productivity is able to be improved by managing multiple units for either picking or replenishment by synchronizing operations to achieve maximum efficiency.

MODULA® for the environment

MODULA Sintes1 is designed using highly efficient components along with innovative options and features to ensure a significant energy savings. Lower energy consumption is a result of using less powerful motors with higher efficiency ratings vs. similar units. The unit's 2.0 Hp (1.5 kW) vertical axis lifting motor provides a significant energy savings. The optional MODULA Green feature allows for further energy saving by recovering the energy produced as the trays are lowered to the picking bay, which would otherwise be dissipated as heat and wasted energy. Thanks to this option the return on investment can easily be realized in just a few months time.

Operator Console

All MODULA Sintes1 units have a color graphical touch screen console designed specifically for industrial environments enabling the operator to access all of the unit's functions quickly and intuitively. The MODULA Sintes1's touch screen console has a graphical interface developed in a full color
icon based environment with simple and user friendly icons, making it very intuitive for operators who do not require any special training. An easy to use wizard feature enables the operator to solve every fault or issue, dramatically reducing inefficiency. To ensure the security of items stored within the unit operators are assigned specific passwords authorizing various levels of access
permission depending on their responsibilities. The console also incorporates automatic functions for managing scheduled maintenance. The system allows users to check quantities and products stored within the trays at any time for perfect product traceability. All tray movements and picking operations are
recorded in a log file and can be viewed at any time providing total control of the unit as well as the products handled.

System Logistics has designed dedicated software to easily and completely supervise all the operations offering full control over your warehouse.
SW can be interfaced with any ERP offering supervision not only on a unit such as MODULA Sintes1 but also on the entire product flow.

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